The best ways to avoid sun tanning while on vacation

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 80% of sunscreens used today are either harmful or ineffective or both. Some contain chemicals linked to damaging instead of healing the skin. About 20% of these sunscreens are deemed efficient and safe for human use. People stay indoors and avoid the sun to prevent sun tan. We are on vacation for fun and relaxing, staying indoors will not serve the purpose of the trip. So how do we accomplish this without getting skin disappointments due to sun tanning?

Zeta White cream is what everyone needs to use on vacation. It is not categorized under sunscreen creams, but it consists of components effective in blocking the ultraviolet rays. In fact, if it were a sunscreen cream, it would fall under the safe 20% as per the report given by the EWG. While in our summer fashions, most of our body parts are exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The manufacturers of Zeta White cream want you to enjoy your fancy summer clothes as well as your vacation without sunburns and sun tan. Below are the best ways to avoid sun tanning while on vacation:

Use Zeta White cream on your face and your whole body before applying anything else

Many articles on the internet suggest that wearing makeup during a vacation in hot weather is the worst experience for women. Well, this might be true to some extent. Too much heat will have the skin opening up its pores, and in no time, you will be sweating profusely and the makeup that you spend hours applying, will disappear just like that. Some of it will clog the pores of the skin, and that will be the start of skin problems. To make it worse, your skin is now exposed to UV radiation; therefore, a sun tanning is inevitable. Did you know that it is possible to be free of sun tan and enjoy wearing your makeup during summer?

The first layer on your face should be Zeta White cream. It is a great moisturizer, and the best part of it is that it blocks the UV rays from reaching your skin. It reverses the effects of the sun tanning as well and reduces the production of melanin.

There are particular body parts susceptible to sun tan that we forget about. While relaxing under the sun, we mostly put our hands under our heads and expose our armpits to the UV rays. Let’s agree that almost all of us don’t remember to apply any protective cream in the armpits. Bear in mind that the skin there is softer. Therefore, sunburn and a sun tan are inevitable. Use Zeta White in this region and other forgotten areas such as the back of the knees and back of the neck.

Eat foods that increase skin tolerance to the UV rays from the sun

Some people don’t like the greasy feeling on the skin that comes with cream applications. If you are in this category of individuals, you can consume nutrients present in some of the components in the sunscreens or creams. For instance, Zeta White consists of only organic extracts. Papaya and lemon are some of the ingredients in this product, and the good news is that when used topically or consumed, the effect they have on the skin is the same. Eat papaya and lemons so that when the UV rays stimulate more production of melanin, these foods will work from the inside to reverse the effects of UV exposure such as sun tan.

Zeta White cream allows you to enjoy your vacation without the need to hide under shades or stay indoors. If you have always had sun tan while on vacation, that will be history with the use of Zeta White cream. It is effective on its own and you can replace your sunscreens with this cream because it will not fail you.

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