Home remedies for a dried skin

Have you ever felt a form of tightness on your face after bathing? As soon as you pat yourself dry on the face after showering, have you also noticed some ashy or gray patches on some areas of the skin especially around the chin and cheeks areas? If you have, your skin is dry. These are some telltale signs of a dry skin. It does not stop at that, soon you will start itching, and fine lines will start appearing as well. You don’t have to wait until deep cracks appear that will be bleeding out, use the home remedies that will be discussed in this article to make the face nightmare disappear.

Zeta White is a lightening cream that solves almost all skin problems. The manufacturers of this cream made use of organic components that have proved various benefits on the skin. They have made it possible for people around the globe to make their homemade Zeta because the ingredients used are readily available. The remedies discussed here will include all components of the Zeta White cream that work to treat all symptoms of dehydrated skin.

Papaya extract

Not only is papaya a delicious fruit, but it is also a skin toner that evens and smoothens the face. The active compound in papaya behind its pleasant effects on the skin is papain. One of the symptoms of dry skin is blemishes that are unavoidable due to itching. Papain decreases the visibility of these spots and smoothens out any cracks on the skin. Potassium is also a component of papaya that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The next time you buy papaya, spare some to use on your dry skin.

Lemon extract

One of the symptoms of a dry skin mentioned above is itching. When we scratch the itchy areas with our hands, the area is likely to get infected. Let’s agree that our hands are not always clean. Lemon is an antibacterial agent. Some of the cells that may be damaged by infection are treated with lemons. Damaged cells may appear like hives on the skin. Dry skin is also prone to scars as well; lemon is known to discolor these scars and reduce the appearance of blemishes significantly.


Allantoin is an extract of comfrey plant. You probably have it in your garden and have no idea of its medicinal benefits. Allantoin is an excellent skin moisturizer. It locks in moisture and stimulates the shedding off of dead cells from the skin. It rejuvenates the skin by promoting healthy skin cell development. Allantoin has many benefits on the skin. It curbs any skin problem arising from a dehydrated skin. It is perhaps the most powerful among these remedies.

These treatments are very effective to treat dry skin. Have you thought how potent they could be when combined? It could be a daunting task to mix these ingredients manually, not to mention, finding some of them like allantoin. Why go through all that, while you can easily purchase Zeta White cream which has all of these ingredients? Zeta White cream has a mixture of these components which are combined in equal measures, not too little and not too much, just perfect for the skin.

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